avast! SecureLine

avast! SecureLine

It makes your logins, emails, messages and credit card details invisible
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avast! SecureLine VPN is a powerful program that anonymizes your browsing and makes your logins, emails, instant messages and credit card details invisible to spying. The program enables you to access blocked content, to hide your IP address, to set up various proxy servers in order to securely navigate the Internet.

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  • Question: My Secure Line Software doesn't function anymore.

    From what I can see on the web, it appears that SecureLine is an application used to provide VPN services. If it doesn't work, then probably one of its modules is not working anymore. Since it's an application that doesn't require you to keep settings for or additional configuration files, simply reinstall the application. You can overwrite your installation or remove the current one and then download the latest version of the software. Make sure you noted your username and password for connection since the software is not free and requires authentication.

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